Top Ten Chinese Recipes you Must Have

Published: 08th January 2009
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Chinese food is a great way to expand your personal cookbook, especially if you love to use simple, fresh ingredients with quick cooking time. These top ten dishes are famous all over the world, and are must-haves in your collection of Chinese cooking recipes.

Fried Rice - A must have dish in Chinese restaurants, fried rice is the ultimate Chinese food, and can be one of the most flexible in your cookbook because you can use leftover rice and ingredients to make it. Of course, you can use fresh ingredients but it's best to use rice that has been kept in the fridge overnight for best results. Ingredients usually used in fried rice are eggs, scallions, diced meat of either beef, chicken or pork, ham, shrimps and vegetables such as celery, peas, carrots, bean sprouts and corn. There are many types of fried rice but the more well-known ones are the Yong Chow and Fujian fried rice.

Kung Pao Chicken - Kung Pao chicken or Kung Po chicken is a Chinese dish from Szechuan cuisine and is considered to be a delicacy. The recipe for this savory dish commonly calls for diced chicken that is pre-marinated and briefly stir-fried with red bell peppers, hoisin sauce, sesame oil, oyster sauce, rice wine or sherry, chilli peppers and unsalted roasted peanuts. Alternatively, you can use pork, beef, shrimp or scallops in place of the chicken.

Moo Shu Pork - This is a dish of northern Chinese origin and a favorite of many. Ingredients in a Moo Shi pork recipe usually involve green cabbage, carrots, wood ear mushrooms, bean sprouts, scallions, scrambled eggs and day lily buds. Celery, onions, bell peppers, snow pea pods, bok choy and Shiitake mushrooms are sometimes used. The vegetables are cut into long and thin strips before cooking, with the exception for day lily buds and bean sprouts. Fried Moo Shi pork is then wrapped in moo shu pancakes that is brushed with hoisin sauce and eaten by hand. Moo shu pancakes are thin wrappers made of flour that is easily available in supermarkets and steamed right before eating.

General Tso's Chicken - General Tso's chicken is a Hunan food that tastes sweet and spicy and very popular in Chinese restaurants in Canada and America where it's often listed as a "chef's specialty". General Tso's Chicken recipe commonly calls for battered chicken deep-fried and marinated with hot chili peppers, scallions, sugar, Shaoxing wine, sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, garlic and ginger.

Egg Rolls - Egg rolls are one of the all time favorite Chinese foods, and for good reason. This tasty roll is made by wrapping a combination of chopped cabbage and meats and sometimes noodles in a sheet of dough. It is then dipped in egg and deep fried to perfection. Egg rolls are generally bigger in size than its cousin spring roll, its skin is thicker and crunchier; and have more filling.

Fortune Cookies - Chinese cooking would simply not be complete without the addition of a recipe for fortune cookies. The ingrediesnts you need to make these treats are some sugar, flour, eggs and vanilla extract, making them a simple way to add some fun to your home cooked Chinese meal.

Orange Chicken - This irresistible Chinese dish is made of chicken chopped into bite size pieces and battered, and then fried with thick sweet and spicy chili sauce flavored with orange. The traditionally Chinese recipe for tangerine chicken as it's sometimes called, is to deep fry the chicken first and then stir fry it in a lightly sweet soy-based sauce flavored with dried orange peels. Vegetables like baby carrots and bok choy are used as the garnishing. However, cooks in Western restaurants do not use dried orange peel but rather fresh orange peel or orange juice and a lot of sugar to make the sauce. Steamed broccoli and dried chili peppers are used as garnishing instead.

Sweet and Sour Pork - This savory-sweet famous Chinese dish is of Cantonese origin. It is a good dish to prepare when you are planning on having guests, who will be wildly impressed with your cooking skill. As with other Chinese food recipes, the key to making a great Sweet and Sour Pork dish is in the sauce made of ketchup, sugar, soy sauce and white vinegar. Its ingredients include pork, pineapple, bell pepper and onion cut into bite size pieces.

Chow Mein - In American Chinese cuisine, Chow Mein is a stir-fried dish consisting of noodles, meat such usually chicken, shrimp, beef and pork, cabbage and other vegetables.

Egg Fu Yong - Egg foo young, also spelled egg furong, egg fu yung, egg fooyung, or egg foo yong is an hearty American Chinese dish. It's basically an omelet prepared with eggs beaten with minced vegetables or meat. Lobster, beef, chicken, shrimp, Chinese sausage, ham or roast pork may be used as meat while celery, water chestnuts and bean sprouts for vegetables.

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