How to Use Pi Yao in Feng Shui to Enhance your Wealth Luck

Published: 03rd March 2009
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Feng Shui can be translated as "the way," and following a rich history for thousands of years, it has been a practice that has guided so many towards the path to good life, good fortune, and good health. Feng Shui originated from China, and in the modern setting, it has done wonders for improving the quality of life of its believers. Many modern homes today still follow the principles of Feng Shui to usher in the good balance of chi, the live giving energy.

Feng Shui remedies may also be deeply centered in the value of good business, good fortune, and profits. This is why you can see many businesses and entrepreneurs using Feng Shui enhancers. One of the most well-known Feng Shui cures for bad fortune and bad business is known as the Pi Yao. The Feng Shui Pi Yao, as many sources would say, is a fascinating creature because it does not resemble any of the other Feng Shui animals a lot of believers are familiar with. The Pi Yao is a one-horned creature with wings, resembling a hybrid between a dog and dragon, and is known to be very powerful in inviting good chi for fortune and money.

Why is the Feng Shui Pi Yao so strongly associated with money and fortune for the home or the business? Feng Shui experts explain that this celestial creature does not have an anus, so that everything that comes in will not come out. This principle is very important when the flow of money is taken under consideration. The Pi Yao figurine can be placed on the work desk or the counter in your business to protect it from harmful forces, and to invite good fortune. Speaking of good luck, there are some Feng Shui followers who put lottery tickets or raffle tickets under the Pi Yao statue.

But the Feng Shui Pi Yao does play a role beyond money matters. The Pi Yao as one of many strong Feng Shui remedies, is even more powerful when they are used in pairs. The Pi Yao then becomes the Pi Xi and the Tian Lu, which means the evil dispeller and the heavenly protector respectively. The paired Pi Yao appeases the gods and symbolizes authority. For businesses that are newly renovated, and for those who have just moved into a new home, place the paired Pi Yao near the doorway for protection.

The Feng Shui Pi Yao is only one of the hundreds of Feng Shui enhancers that you can use for your benefit and the benefit of your home. To be able to gain the maximum benefits from Feng Shui cures for your home or for your health, you can consult a practitioner or search online. What is great about surfing the net for Feng Shui products is that there is always a Feng Shui store that allows you to conveniently make orders online and have your items shipped to you. is an online Feng Shui store with over 2000 Feng Shui products. We carry a wide variety of Pi Yao.

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